Media Library

Before setting up your portfolio, you need to upload images to your Media Library and select Style and Subject Categories for each image so that they will display properly on the filtering pages on the website.

1). Uploading Images:

a). Find the Media Library on the left hand Nav Menu. Select “Add New”.

b). Name your image files like this:
my-name-003.jpg etc.

c). Image Dimensions: No greater than 1200w or 1200h

d). Image Memory Size: Keep all files under 300k if possible (and no greater than 150dpi).

Important: Higher file size slows the website loading time, so please optimize your images before uploading.

e). Select the proper Categories. Checkmark the categories that each image belongs to in two different areas: Style and Subject.

Visual Helpers

Portfolio Page

The idea of your Portfolio page is to show off your work (but as part of a team). It should remain consistent in layout with all other team member Portfolio pages.

1). Featured Image (shown at top of artist portfolio page):

a). Dimensions: 1000 × 725
b). Naming: my-name-featured.jpg

2). Bio Area (where your headshot is):
Include your headshot in b/w, your brief bio

a). Portfolio Headshot JPG RGB(b/w):
b). Dimensions: 725 × 500
c). Naming: my-name-headshot.jpg

3). Raves (testimonials):
Praise directly to you. Keep them really brief, otherwise they are hard to read quickly.

4). Attributes:
Displays on Portfolio page as a bullet point list of the types of work you do.

Visual Helpers

Portfolio Galleries

You can make individual galleries (on one big one) on your portfolio page.

1). Using the Visual Composer setting will alow you to drag, drop, create, duplicate galleries on the Portfolio page.

2). Once you have built a title for your gallery, then make sure you have the gallery tool under it (as shown in the sample galleries provided.

3). To add images, simply rollover the gallery until you see the Green Edit bar and click the edit pencil. The gallery import tool will pop up a new window. (If you have blocked pop-ups on your browser the tool will not work).

4). Click the + sign to add images from your Media Library.

5). To re-order the images, just grab them with your mouse and drag them into position.

Visual Helpers


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